Posted 18 hours ago

Les Miserables at Her Majesty’s Theatre, Melbourne. Amazing performance.

Posted 1 day ago

Camelot Lounge in Marrackville, Sydney. I have never seen so many camels in one place.

Posted 2 days ago

The Station Hotel in Prahran has nearly finished turning into apartments, sadly.

Posted 3 days ago

Having a rest after constructing the new floor.

Posted 4 days ago

Old Jaguar in need of some love.

Posted 5 days ago

Slightly wonky stuffed animals in a shop front.

Posted 1 week ago

Skybus blew a tyre. Luckily we weren’t on the highway yet, so another one picked us up and we were on our way pretty quickly. It was a big bang.

Posted 1 week ago

Escalators at Parliament train station in Melbourne. I find them extremely creepy for some reason.